NXNE 2014: Dusted performs a new song live at Sonic Boom

Jul 7, 2014

If you haven't seen Dusted in awhile, you might be doing a double take right now. Since the last time we shot Brian Borcherdt's mellow non-Holy Fuck project, the band subbed out studio wizard Leon Taheny for a new drummer, added Anna Edwards (formerly of Foxfire) to become a three-piece, then tagged in a drum machine for a special matrimonial set at Sonic Boom. For those good at BEDMAS, that's (1 + 1 [2-1]). The answer equals 2. There were two people on stage.

After Dusted cleaned up (get it?) their instruments on stage, they joined comedian Nick Flanagan to drum up pregnancy rumours. Don't miss it.

Dusted's debut album Totally Dusted is available on Bandcamp.    |     Nick Flanagan's album I'm Here All Weak is on iTunes.

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