Our video series Band 2 Band helps artists learn more about each other in the most natural way we could think of: by pulling questions out of a jar and asking them to each other.

I would love to be a toddler again. They're amused by the smallest things and can create entertainment out of absolutely nothing. Damian Abraham of Fucked Up has two of these mini-humans, and he brings them around with him to shows around Toronto, sometimes even letting them sing the hooks.

Sure enough, they were there at our Band 2 Band shoot at Toronto's Sonic Boom. It was late, it was past Holden and Dorian's bed time, and they were hyper. Take all those ingredients, then throw them in a room with Fucked Up drummer Jonah Falco, their dad, and cameras, you're bound to see something special. Super-serious questions about literature and instrumentation quickly turned into Holden's So You Think You Can Dance audition tape. We also find learn what would happen if your feet were vacuums. I don't think this Band 2 Band could be any more rare.

Go buy Fucked Up's great new album Glass Boys on Arts & Crafts!

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