Watch Universe: three galactic short films, with music by Absolutely Free, Fresh Snow, and more

May 26, 2014

On May 15 at The Revue Cinema in Toronto, Chart Attack hosted Universe, a live soundtrack event inspired by our planet's relationship to outer space. We cut together three original short montages of public domain footage and asked three bands — Absolutely Free, Fresh Snow, and Marcel Ramagnano — to each compose a brand new sonic interpretation and perform it for an audience eating popcorn and drinking Pistonhead Lager. If you were there, you know how dope it was. If you weren't, you can now watch each film and its awesome musical accompaniment.

Marcel Ramagnano's video is streaming above and below. Its footage is a time-lapse of pictures taken from NASA's Cassini orbiter, 100% real and unmodified footage of Saturn and its moons. Fresh Snow's, just beneath, is a 15 minute edit of Moonwalk One, NASA's full-length documentary on humankind's first steps on the moon. And Absolutely Free's video takes a look at archival film footage from this planet during the mid-20th century, mostly home movies and unknown sources. It probes humanity's exploratory impulse and all the wonderful places it has taken us. Watch them in order; we'll see you next time.




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