Watch Greys perform “Guy Picciotto” live at Sonic Boom for Record Store Day 2014

Apr 29, 2014
We're reliving Record Store Day 2014 with live videos of all the great bands that graced Sonic Boom's stage for our beer-fuelled showcase.

Greys took the stage after DIANA and their floaty Brian Eno cover and immediately amped up the energy of the room with their pummelling new single, "Guy Picciotto." They didn't throw any of their equipment out of any windows, but the Toronto "loud rock" band probably justified the cost of a few of those oversized baby headphones. And the titular tribute to Fugazi's unsung hero probably spoke to some of the record nerds in the house.

Thank you to Sonic Boom for having us, Pistonhead Lager for bringing that delicious beer, and our performers for their great music. Stay tuned for more videos from Record Store Day every day this week.

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