CHART TV LIVE: Each Other performs unreleased song “Buyer Be Brave” on a totally real beach

Apr 8, 2014

We've had a pretty brutal winter in Toronto this year, and we all know that the best approach to something you don't like is to escape from it, even if only for a small period of time before the cold, merciless grip of reality pulls you right back into its monotonous hell. Sure, drugs and movies are great for escaping (independently and in combination), but dude, have you ever tried editing green screen footage?

We invited Montreal-based trio Each Other to our green screen studio, and recorded them performing this unreleased psych-pop nugget, "Buyer Be Brave." And through the magic of hasty video editing, we took them to the animated beach of our screen-sized dreams – a 2D utopia where every day is a beautiful day, even when there's lightning or drowning.  Come with us for a few minutes, watch the band swim, sink, and float, and soak in that digital representation of a beautiful sunny day. You can almost smell the sunscreen.jpg.

Each Other's first LP Being Elastic is out now on Lefse Records. Listen to it below and buy it via Bandcamp

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