Jef Barbara performs “Chords” live at Chart HQ

Feb 25, 2014

Before we invited Montreal’s Jef Barbara and et band over to our studio to shoot this weird little performance, I was certainly a fan of his music. But only after reviewing and editing the footage did I come to realize how much I actually admired him on a personal level. He’s confident, he’s coy, he’s very good at eating popsicles. And when he gazes into the camera all seductively? Like, damn, Jef, be careful with that.

Needless to say we were fortunate that the Jef Barbara entourage agreed to perform a song for us in our very own, very small, very green studio, in-office studio. They treated us to "Chords," a standout from 2013's Soft To The Touchout now on Club Roll Music.

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