Noisemakers S3E3: Basia Bulat performs “The City With No Rivers” live in NICE WEATHER

Jan 8, 2014

Noisemakers captures performances by our favourite emerging artists, off-stage and up-close. Find Season 2 here and Season 1 here.

Right now The Weather Network tells me Toronto "feels like" -30˚C. That's the realm of coldness between Self-Pitying Small Talk Fodder and I Am Actually Dying; when memories of warmer times are obscured by defeat, and summer is just a long-lost messiah: it will never return, our faith is dead, our souls are doomed, etc.

Guys, it's real. Look at this session we shot with Basia Bulat only a few months ago. Look at her sitting on the front steps to my actual house, playing her charango in a goddamn sunbeam. These things actually happen. They do exist, and they're beautiful. And those front steps that you slipped on this morning because your whole city has sold out of walkway salt? They'll once again be worthy of great songwriters' butts.

"The City With No Rivers" is a cut from Basia's third full-length, Tall Tall Shadow, that practically emanates warmth. Stream it below, and try to stay calm.

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