The Best of Chart TV in 2013: Our Five Favourite Videos of the Year

Dec 23, 2013

Last week we took a look back at 2013 through two of our regular features, Essential Albums and Uncharted. Want to know what else you shouldn't have missed this year? We asked our video producer Daniel Busheikin to choose five Chart TV videos from 2013 that he'll most fondly remember. Here's what he picked.

The 2013 Polaris Prize Gala In Three Minutes

This was my fifth time covering the Polaris Prize Gala on video, and by this point I know the drill. It starts out at 5PM with pre-gala interviews. This year the video outlets were really crammed together, and we were sandwiched between E! Canada and ET. I think... it could have been eTalk. Anyway, one of the camera guys gave me some hosting tips, and it was amazingly condescending. Everyone asks the same boring questions ("How would you spend the money!?"), gets the same boring answers, and publishes the same boring piece the next day. I figured we’d make something goofy instead. Two days later nobody really cares anyways, so we may as well try to get some laughs, right?


Conversations: Hollerado interviews each other |

Hollerado Interviews Hollerado

The first time I interviewed Hollerado was in 2009, when they would still laugh at the idea of having “even hundreds” of people know about them. That was essentially my first artist interview ever, the first milestone of my “career” in “music journalism,” five years running and still “strong.” Half a decade later, I knew the guys are really funny, so I figured it’d be best for them to just interview each other. It was, and the format became our new “Band 2 Band” video series. Watch it here and please admire the intro bumper.


Dinosaur Bones - "Spins in Circles" live on our roof | Noisemakers ep. 8/8

Noisemakers S2E8: Dinosaur Bones - "Spins In Circles" live on our roof

Earlier this year Chart Attack was acquired by a company called Channel Zero, so we got to move into their awesome building, eat freely from their freezer full of popsicles, and hire a full-time Editor-in-Chief (ed. note: Hi!). I knew they had an awesome rooftop space, and that it’d be a perfect spot to shoot a Noisemakers performance. Toronto’s Dinosaur Bones were game, even though it meant hauling all their heavy gear up three flights of stairs. I ran Ben’s vocals through a boombox, which was really fun to do. Definitely want to rig that up again in the future. And I love this song a lot. I wish I could describe why without sounding trite and lofty, but I can’t, so I won’t.


Conversations: Dan Deacon is unable to drink blood! | interview

Conversations with Dan Deacon

Conversations is our “anti-interview” series driven by a goal to amuse/confuse/anger viewers. Here’s one with Dan Deacon that we published earlier this year. I think it’s pretty funny, and Dan has this wonderfully authentic moment of discomfort at around 2:30. On YouTube the video has only two comments. One is “mmmm daniel your eyebrows make me wet,” which is weird, but I’ll take what I can get.


FIRSTS: Passion Pit's Michael Angelakos on The Beach Boys and more | Interview

FIRSTS: Passion Pit’s Michael Angelakos

Michael showed up to our interview smoking an e-cigarette, which is funny to me for some reason, and was pretty cold before we got started. But I think he liked the trip down memory lane, rummaging through cute anecdotes about his musical past and not having to talk about his mental health. He does kind of get to that by the end, but the closing music is so chirpy you kind of miss the harrowing existential angst. Sometimes it’s nice to keep things light!

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