Noisemakers S3E1: Spencer Krug plays Moonface’s “First Violin” live on piano

Nov 11, 2013

Noisemakers captures performances by our favourite emerging artists, off-stage and up-close. This is the first episode of our third season. Find Season 2 here and Season 1 here.

In his decade-long music career, Spencer Krug has put out well over 20 records (EPs included) with a sprawling set of bands and projects. (If you want to dig deeper into that oeuvre, and trust us, you should, read our Primer on him from last year.) Just a couple of weeks ago he released Julia With Blue Jeans On, his third full-length album under his solo project alias Moonface. And while it's his most naked-sounding record – Krug's unmistakeable voice is accompanied only by piano - Julia is unshakeably confident.

Spencer met us at the Tranzac club in Toronto to perform Julia track "First Violin" for our cameras. We shot a few takes, and after each breathtaking one the ever-humble Krug would say something like "I hope that's okay for you guys," and we would say "yes, that was really great," because, as you'll see, it really was.

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