About Chart Attack

What is Chart Attack?
Chart Attack is a guide to indie and alternative music, based out of Toronto, Canada, online since 1996. We're dedicated to showcasing great music that pushes expectations of genre, and getting to know the people who make it through written features and video features. You should Like us and Follow us and Subscribe to us!

Who is Chart Attack?
We're a small team: Editor-in-Chief Richard Trapunski, Video Producer Ryan Parker, Staff Writer Chris Hampton, plus a humble army of freelancers.

I'm a writer / video producer / photographer / journalist / pundit / illustrator / etc., and I want to contribute!
Hit us up on our contact form or at contribute[at]chartattack[dot]com, and include any relevant samples of your work.

I have a fantastic news tip or story pitch that needs a home.

Great! Our Editor-in-Chief Richard Trapunski would love to hear it. Reach him at richard[at]chartattack.com.

I'm an artist/publicist. Where can I send music/press releases?
Press releases and music can be emailed to submissions[at]chartattack[dot]com. Online streams are best. We read everything but can't respond to each email due to the overwhelming volume.

Do you have a mailing list?
Yup! Sign up here.

How do you decide what artists to cover?
There's no concrete criteria, but generally we cover artists that are independent, non-mainstream, and/or musically innovative. When all else fails, we post what we like.

I noticed a spelling/grammar/factual mistake!
IMPOSSIBLE, but let us know in the comment section, on our contact form, or by emailing hello[at]chartattack[dot]com.

I just got an error: "The page you are finding seem doesn't exist." What gives?
We recently changed systems, and unfortunately it broke a lot of links. Chances are we can fix it, so let us know with our contact form or by emailing hello[at]chartattack[dot]com!

I'm looking at an older article and content is missing/the formatting is really weird/the author's name is wrong/missing. What's the deal?
See above!

Who can I send hate mail/ love mail to?
Head to our contact page or just email hello[at]chartattack[dot]com. Formal complaints can be lodged on our official forum.

Who can I contact about advertising on the site or content sponsorship?
You can reach out to email robert[at]andpop[dot]com

I still have a question.
Ask it here.


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